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Last minute feeding tips as your hive prepares for winter.


With the extended warm weather this fall, some of our hives will need supplemental feeding. Sugar syrup (2:1) can be fed until our ambient temperature falls below 50 deg F. Feeding liquid below that will create too much moisture in the hive and the bees will be taking few cleansing flights to expel the extra moisture. Plus, the syrup needs to be ripened (thickened by the bees). It is best to switch to sugar bricks, sugar plates or fondant. See the October newsletter for more feeding information.


4 pound bag of sugar

¾ cup cold water ( 1 tsp Honey B Healthy optional)

Mix well til the sugar is wet. Pack into wax paper lined or oiled containers. (25 oz

sandwich containers create a perfect 1# block)

Let sit to dry out for a few days and fed on top of top bars near the cluster.

They freeze well. ccd


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