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About BCBA

The Barnstable County Beekeepers Association (BCBA) is a 40+ year-old group of more than 300 honeybee enthusiasts from Cape Cod and the surrounding area. The BCBA meets monthly to discuss topics relevant to beekeeping on Cape Cod. Topics include hive management, honeybee pests and diseases, swarm control, plants and pollination and extracting honey. In addition, the club runs a number of annual activities including a course on the Basics of Beekeeping and a display at the Barnstable County Fair and the Harvest Fest. Members of the BCBA range from beekeeping hobbiests with one or two hives to those who run beekeeping businesses with several hives. All members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to the club’s large library of videos and books on beekeeping in CLAMS

  • The opportunity to learn from established beekeepers’ experiences as well as those of state and regional bee associations subscriptions to the club’s monthly newsletter the chance to sell bee products at the fair.

Beeswax Candles

BCBA Mission Statement

To engage exclusively in charitable, educational, scientific and literary purposes, including but not limited to, the promotion and education of the general public about various species of bees, including the honeybee, and the various health and environmental benefits of the honey bee. 

What Members Are Saying


BCBA Member

“I absolutely look forward to each month's meeting and speaker. I learn so much.”


Bee School

“I'm looking forward to keeping bees and meeting my mentor.”


BCBA Member

“I had no idea that Cape Cod beekeepers need to do things differently than other beekeepers across the country. ”

Bees Entering Hive

Did You Know

Honeybees will visit about two million flowers and fly around 50,000 miles to make a one pound jar of honey.

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