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Buzz Words - July, 2003

Table of Contents
1. Announcements
2. From the President
3. Barnstable County Fair
4. Glassware
5. Mark Your Calendars
6. Claire’s Corner
7. Educational Materials
8. Classifieds

Next Meeting: Please note that we do not meet at the West Barnstable Building in July or August.

Sunday, July 13th, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds is our annual clean-up and preparation for the Fair meeting. 10 A.M. to Noon for the clean-up and preparation of the Bee Building prior to the opening of the Fair on Friday the 18th. Bring small tools, cleaning utensils, rakes, gardenig tools, shovels, etc. A pot-luck lunch will be served around noon (the club will provide paper plates, cups, utensils and drinks), and then we will have a hive opening on site. There will also be a short business meeting to set prices for the wax and honey. Remember, if you have honey to sell, you need to sign up for at least one shift. More on that later in the news.

From the President
First and foremost… please contact Connie Novitsky or Marta Hennigan regarding time to man the booth at the Fairgrounds. It is important for each one of us to take at least one shift to make the Fair a success. It's not just about selling honey and sticks; it's what the public learns about beekeeping. We are responsible for raising the level of interest in beekeeping and educating the wanna-bees!

We're receiving a lot of calls about swarming bees. Most are already dwelling in walls or second story eaves and not your easy pickings, but anyone interested in pursuing a carpentry swarm removal service please let me know. Our present referrals go to John Phillips in Hanson, MA. 781-293-2297.

Our next meeting is at the Fairgrounds on the 13th of July. This is our work call; clean house, weed the gardens, plant the plants, before the Fair opens and will be followed by a hive opening at our hive there. We run a potluck luncheon too so please bring your favorite dish that might serve eight people and we'll have a great time! You can sign up to work the booth at that time as well.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer and productive honey flow season.


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Barnstable County Fair - July 18th - 26th
Barnstable County Fair, our biggest educational opportunity. Connie Novitsky and Marta Hennigan are coordinating the scheduling of volunteers for this 9-day affair. Call or email them at the following to reserve your 4-hour stint. Remember, if you have honey to sell, you need to work a shift.

Connie - (508) 548-9539 or Marta - 508-255-6545 or

Don't be afraid to do this! You are all experts in the eyes of the public. The questions you are asked are usually simple ones that beginners can answer. It is a lot of fun, you have a chance to get someone else to join our hobby and discover the amazing world of honeybees. Call Now to reserve your time slot!

Did we mention that you get FREE ADMISSION and FREE VIP Parking with your shift?

Geoffrey seems to think that we are going to have a good honey year. I certainly hope that he is right.

It is not too early to start thinking about your glass needs. Ed is checking with suppliers in order to obtain the best possible prices for our members. More on this in a later issue. Just keep in mind that a shallow honey super brings you about 20 to 25 lbs of honey (24 x 1 lb jars in a case, 24 x 8 oz jars in a case) just to give you an idea.

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Mark Your Calendars
The Massachusetts Beekeepers' Association Annual Meeting, to be held on Saturday, October 25th, at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Fitchburg will feature Dr. Sting. His main topic will be Bee Sting Therapy. More information about this meeting in the August Buzz Words. As always, Mass Bee meetings are open to the public.

Claire’s Corner
Summer Ramblings

Ah, yes, sun, warm temperatures, blossoms. Summer has arrived! It is so welcome after those endless rainy Sundays. We can't imagine how frustrated those worker bees must have been. Perhaps that is the explanation for all the "unexplained" activities reported in the hives the past several weeks.

The Black Locust should have been our salvation to build and store in the hives. It began in our area with very heavy bloom, but most days were cool and rainy. Many hives are light with stores now, but activity in the honey shallows appears to be rewarding.

Cranberries are in full bloom as we write this. Many wild flowers are in bloom also. We will enjoy Linden (Basswood) as it opens Before our summer dearth, the Sweet Pepper Bush, or clethera will also produce nice nectar.

And, in the event you have honey extracted and ready for sale at the fair, please remember those jars need to be clean and presentable, filled to the right level (no space should show beneath the cap), and labeled with producer and weight.

We would love to have a great showing for the competition in the Adult Booth. Please find guidelines and classes on another page. Entry times will be on Wednesday, July 16th, from 5 to 7 P.M. and on Thursday, July 17th, from 8 to 10 A.M. If you need a few jars for competition, give us a call (508-888-2304). Bringing several address labels will speed up the registration process. Entries may be picked up on Sunday, July 27th, from Noon to 4 P.M.

In addition to our exhibit in the Bee Building (theme of Honey this year), the competition is an extension of our education to the public. It also gives you an idea of how well you are preparing your product for the public.

A big Thank You to all the donators, workers, and purchasers at our Pollination Sale held in June. The net proceeds were $865. Special kudos to Karen & Jay Barthelmeus for the truckload of plants they provided. The Friday night crew had a late nite due to the occupation of the room, but thanks to Karen, Sue, Shelley and Sandy, we were ready for business early on Saturday. And to the guys - Andy, George, Peter and Steve, thanks for the extra muscle.

Several of us participated in a Kid's Day at Heritage Museum and Gardens earlier in June. As the heavy rains moved out, we put together an educational display with the observation hive. Thanks to George, Andy, John and Pam Ashcroft, Claire and Andrea Desilets, a steady stream of questions were answered well past quitting time. It was a very "upscale" educated public that stopped by our display set amongst the hostas. 'Twas a great warm-up for the Fair, in a beautifully landscaped setting.

For those of you still working your landscape, check out the flowering shrub Spirea White Gold. Within one hour of offloading from the delivery truck, this small shrub was covered with honey bees at our nursery center in Wareham.

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Educational Materials
We recently received a donation made in Peter Wilson's memory to be used as we saw fit. Your board decided to purchase a mini hive that will be added to the materials available to members who see fit to make presentations to clubs, nursing homes, school children, etc. We also have the traveling observation hive and another set of laminated study prints.

Ed Osmun has the following items for sale. You can catch him at the meeting or call him @ (508) 833-9696
  • 12 oz Flat Panel Bears- $12. per 24.
  • Menthol- 50 Gm Packets for Spring Treatment, $3.75. Mesh bags also available.
  • Type S Pollen Traps- Built by Amish craftsmen $59.
  • Maxant Extractor- 10 frame parallel radial. $800. (New approx $1500).
The club purchased 5 gallon bottling pails with a good 1˝-inch gate with the last order. These can be had for $20 apiece. See Ed.

Sheldon and Donna Hamblin of West Falmouth (508) 457-0558 have the following equipment for sale- 14 deep hive bodies, 3 -6 inch supers, 5 outer covers, $7.00 each; 2 bottoms Boards, 2 bee helmets with veils, 2 sets of gloves and 2 electric hot knives-$5.00 each; 2 hive tools-$2.00 each; 1 -50# honey bucket with gate- $15.00; 5-6 inch supers with frames and foundation-$15.00 each; 1- bottom feeder- $5.00; 1 queen excluder-$5.00; 1 stainless steel double dairy sink $100; 1 stainless steel milk can-$100

Phyllis Horton (508) 394-0017 still has some equipment left (no supers), as well as a 2-frame S.S. extractor for sale.
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