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Presentations from BCBA's Monthly Meetings

The Buzz - Fall for Honey October 11, 2014
Keys to Successful Overwintering
Dewey M. Caron
University of Delaware Emeritus Affiliate Professor OSU

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The Buzz - Fall for Honey April 8, 2014
The What and Why of Nucleus Colonies
Bobby Waldron and John Portnoy
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The Buzz - Fall for Honey October 10, 2013
The Buzz: Fall for Honey
Kim Concra, LDN
Community Nutrition & Food Safety
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Nuc Installation May 13, 2011
What is a Nucleus Colony
Claire and Paul Desilets
Step by step instruction for installing a nuc
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Stinging Insect Allergy April 12, 2011
Stinging Insect Allergy-What you need to know
Bruce Gordon, MD
Review demographics of sting reactions, Recognize responsible insects, Understand general risk factors and special precautions for beekeepers, Understand basic treatment of stings, Understand when to immunize, how effective immunotherapy is, and when to stop immunotherapy. This talk fills in all of the background information you will need to (hopefully) avoid serious problems, and if not, what to do to fix things when they happen.
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online publications March 9, 2010
Online Publications
Leslie Lichtenstein, Julie Lipkin, and Jan Rapp
Presentation on bee-related publications, journals, blogs, and resources
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