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Buzz Words - August, 2002

Table of Contents
1. Announcements
2. From the President
3. Barnstable County Fair Update
4. BCBA Clothing
5. Hive Opening
6. Medications
7. New Business
8. Bee Building
9. Website
10. Claire’s Corner
THERE WILL BE NO MEETING OF THE BCBA IN AUGUST. A Picnic-style meeting was planned for the Armstrong-Kelley Park in Osterville, but due to many scheduling conflicts, it was decided to have no meeting this month. We will resume our monthly meetings on Tuesday, September 10th, at 7:30 P.M., at the West Barnstable Community Building, on Route 149. Our subject for September is “Methods of Extracting Honey.” A few “old hands” will give the low-down on how they extract their honey, their favorite tools, and their “tricks-of- the-trade.” We will show you different extractors at that time, and let you know what is available to borrow from various club members. Hope to see you there!

From the President
As often as you may wish to be cooling off in the water, your little girls are having the same thoughts. Be sure to have ample water around with stones, gravel or screen material so they can get out from the trough. Clustering bees at the entrance or up along the entire front of the hive is common with this heat and humidity. Cracking the outer cover and placing an object (like an entrance reducer sized stick) underneath for better ventilation is important. The purpose is to create more draft through the hive for cooling. Keeping an extra shallow super on top helps with the ventilation, too. If one is half drawn, get another on top; don’t wait for it to get packed.

I appreciate everyone’s support in making our booth at the Barnstable County Fair so successful. Having the additional people on each shift allowed better communication and education for the public and the benefit of taking breaks to see a bit of the fair ourselves. I welcome any thoughts on how our display appeared and how we might improve upon it next year. Bee creative.

We are not going to have an August meeting (see page 2). We will have a hive opening in September in addition to our regular monthly meeting. It will most likely be the second Saturday at the Armstrong Kelly Park, in Osterville. You’ll get the specifics in the next newsletter.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. -- Geoff

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Barnstable County Fair Update
Geoff sent me the above letter while on vacation with his family in Canada. He doesn’t yet know what the grand total was from the fair. Claire had doubts with her decision to order 8,800 Honey Stix and 50 pounds of Honey Bee Candy. We came home with less than 200 Stix, and approximately a half-box of candy. Add to this the 27 cookbooks, tee shirts, candles, hand cream, lip balm, and honey, and we came up with a grand total of $4,065. Of this total, $1458 is on its way to those members who brought in products to be sold at the booth. Many, many thanks to all those folks who helped out to make this the best fair yet! -- Paul If you have a check coming, it’s in this envelope.

BCBA Clothing
We would like to remind you that we do have attractive BCBA tee shirts ($10) and golf shirts ($23) that you may proudly wear to any gathering and start an instant conversation. They will be available to purchase at the September meeting.

Hive Opening
Andy Morris will host a hive opening at his “farm” off Route 6A, Cummaquid, on Sunday, August 11th, at 1 P.M., weather permitting. Andy asks that all interested parties contact him at 508-362-7448 regardless of the weather. He says he will (hopefully) be pulling capped frames. Don’t let him con you into helping.

By the time you read this, we will be at the E.A.S. 2002 conference at Cornell University. While there, we will purchase quantities of medications for club use this fall. The Brushy sale flyer that arrived today reminded me of that. We buy in bulk and break it down to single “servings” to make it easier and more economical for members to use. Unfortunately, ApiLife Var will not be available again this year, but we will scout around for the recommended medications, doses, and times of application, and report back to you in the September newsletter.

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New Business
It was voted at the July meeting, held at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds, to expend $199.50 to replace the rotted window in the Bee Booth, and to expend up to $250. to replace the rooftop exhaust fan and accomplish needed repairs. The treasurer was authorized to spend up to $400 on educational materials as he saw fit while attending the Eastern Apicultural Conference at Cornell University. It was also voted to continue to divide the results of the Pollinator Plant Sale proceeds as has been done in the past, with 25% going to the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, 25% to the Eastern Apicultural Society’s Honey Bee Research Fund, and the remaining 50% to our own general operating budget.

Bee Building
We hope that all of the folks who worked the fair were comfortable while in the booth. The new fan was installed 2 days prior to opening, the thermostat was set at 75, and it immediately started cranking. If you felt any discomfort at all, please be sure to mention it to chief installer, Andy Morris. Just Kidding, Andy. Many Thanks!

Dina reports that the all new BCBA website should be ready for viewing by Monday. Check it out and be sure to let Dina know how great it looks.

Claire’s Corner
Got Honey? Let Us Know! As you harvest and process your honey, please call 508-888-2304 if you have an excess for sale. We always get calls from folks requesting local honey. We would be happy to pass your name and phone number on.

Kudos to Tom and Connie Novitsky. Their honey entry at the Fair garnered a “Best of Show” award.

Topics to close out the year will include honey harvesting, Steve Heaslip of the Cape Cod Times giving us pointers on how to take that great photo, and how to deal with stings and reactions.
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