Yearly Calendar
Planting for Pollinators

Barnstable County Beekeepers Yearly Calendar

Making honey.
  • Keep entrances clear of ice and snow
  • Heft hives for stores
  • Feed candy or granulated sugar if needed
  • Repair and assemble equipment
  • Order package bees for April or May delivery
  • Redistribute remaining stores if needed
  • Clean hive entrance and surroundings
  • Feed dry sugar or candy if stores are low
  • Feed 1:1 Sugar Syrup w/ Fumidil-B
  • Insert Apistan now (if needed) for removal by nectar flow
  • May feed pollen substitute to increase brood production
  • Prepare hives for new bees
  • Install package bees
  • At dandelion bloom, reverse brood supers and flip inner cover
  • Remove Apistan Strips if used
  • Check brood pattern for diseases and swarm cells
  • Divide strong colonies -- watch for swarms
  • Super as needed for nectar flow
  • Continue to watch for warming
  • Pollinator Plant Sale
  • Remove and extract capped honey supers
  • Inspect for Queenright, diseases, and mites
  • Barnstable County Fair
  • Place extracted supers on hives for “licking”
  • Requeen, if planned or necessary, during nectar flow
  • Remove honey supers prior to medicating
  • Install mouse guards and use entrance reducers to keep out mice
  • Flip inner covers to “winter mode”
  • Add grease patties
  • Feed 2:1 Sugar Syrup medicated with Fumidil-B
November - December
  • Make needed equipment repairs
  • Leave the bees alone
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