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Bee School

Honeybees collecting nectar and pollen.
Bee School for 2020 is closed as we have reached our quota. Thank you for your interest. There will not be a wait list for the following year but please revisit in October of 2020 when new classes will be posted.

Each year the Barnstable County Beekeepers Association (BCBA) offers Bee School specifically designed for beginning beekeepers. The course runs from early January to mid-May, progressing through the key points of a hive’s lifecycle. The sessions start in the winter when new beekeepers learn basic information about the bees themselves, the proper equipment they will need, and how to assemble their hives. As the season progresses, new beekeepers learn how to introduce bees to their new hives, how to monitor the progress of their bees, when to add new components to their hives, and so on to pest control, and, finally, harvesting the honey! The course is taught by senior members who are always willing to mentor the new beekeepers, and includes field trips to senior members’ hives.

Bee School tuition is $50 and includes a textbook, handouts, instruction, a mentoring program, and a one-year family membership (a $20 value) in the BCBA. Register Now!

For more information on Bee School please contact the officers of the club.

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